Chris & Jessica Lusk 

Who We Are

Welcome to our site!  We are Chris and Jessica Lusk and we have been married since April 30, 2005.  Chris is from East Tennessee and works in janitorial services. He has been called to preach, and is currently studying to be a pastor.  Jessica is from California and works as a nurse with admissions for a home-health agency. We are active members of Liberty Baptist Church in McEwen, TN.

 What We Do

God has given us an amazing, although difficult, testimony and has now given us the opportunity to use it to help others enhance and revitalize their marriages.  We do this through conferences, interactive small groups, couples' community service projects, and private couples coaching.

As we age from birth, we are writing our first chapter, recording our travels through all of the adventures and lessons of adolescence. Whenever we make that special someone our spouse, we begin to write our second chapter. This time, however, we have the chance to write down what has not happened yet, a guide for us to follow all through our lives, until we are separated by the end of life. 

"Trust the Lord completely, and don't depend on your own knowledge.  With every step you take, think about what He wants, and He will help you go the right way." ~Proverbs 3:5-6 (ERV)